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House demolition

Looking for the best house demolition services? We take pride in offering great, responsible and professional Chattanooga demolition services. We are great at necessary demolition. Chattanooga Excavation Pros has offered demolition services and Retaining walls to the people of Chattanooga for over two decades, offering high end quality services. With all the right equipment, we assure you of minimal time, to complete the task at hand. We guarantee a safe demolition with perfection in every service we deliver.
We deliver commercial, residential and industrial demolition services. We deliver structural and interior demolition. With the assurance of success in every project we handle, we promise to give you the best results. We ensure to give quality services for money invested. Do not look any further; contact us for the best house demolition services. We will start the demolition right away and you can enjoy our fulfilling services.

Demolition services

We offer a wide range of home demolition services that offered at professional levels. We ensure to provide tailor made services for your demolition project, to your satisfaction. The services include mechanized demolition, tenant finish, demolition of complete structure, selective demolition, concrete breaking and removal, lead paint removal and removal of debris. After the demolition, we give the site a proper clean up with the right equipment to remove the debris. We also facilitate the disposal of the debris, to ensure a stress free demolition process.
Licensed and insured Our Chattanooga contractors offer services that are guaranteed of quality and safety. We adhere to the requirements made by the local authorities for demolition. Therefore, we are licensed to conduct all demolitions you need. For houses that were built before 1978, they have lead paints that should be removed in a specific way in compliance with the local authority requirements. We are specialties in this field, and also ensure the asbestos constructed houses have been demolished within stated safety measures. With insurance, you are guaranteed of safety all through the demolition process.

Best demolition partner 

Our excavation contractors offer you great services to quality demolition services to qualify to be your number one demolition partner. We ensure to walk with you until you have all the formal requirements for demolition of your house. We ensure to take you through the entire process, and ensure the necessary permits are available. We also ensure to cap the sewer and the gas, offering you the proper guidance as well.


We ensure to offer all our clients efficient services in excavation, demolition and Foundation pouring. We are working with the best machinery that ensures fast provision of services. We also use the latest and most advanced technology when executing the work. Do not hesitate to give us a call when you are n need of our services. We provide accurate quotes without any hidden fees. We also ensure you get services at a price that is affordable and pocket friendly. We take minimal time to complete the house demolition to also provide you with convenience to continue running your business and activities as usual. Contact us and schedule for services right away.

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